Texas Academy Foundation Scholarships

Texas Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation (Texas Academy Foundation) is an education organization whose purpose is to raise money for scholarships for students in nutrition and dietetics. The Texas Academy Foundation operates separately from the Texas Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (Texas Academy) and is governed by separate bylaws, standing rules, and officers. The Texas Academy Foundation operates as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Contributions are tax deductible.

Since its conception in 1983, the Texas Academy Foundation has awarded over 664 scholarships and $485,416 towards our Texas dietetic students. Given the support of scholarship donors, industry companies and Texas Academy members, the Texas Academy Foundation will continue to grow and provide financial aid to our dietetic students.

The amount and number of Texas Academy Foundation scholarships varies in any given year dependent on the generous donation of sponsors, available funds, and qualified applicants. Selection of recipients is made by the Texas Academy Foundation Executive Board based on criteria outlined in Bylaws and Standing Rules of the Foundation.

Please select a scholarship type below:

Endowed Scholarships:

Endowed scholarships are awarded from the interest earned on invested funds and are available every year. Created with a minimum donation of $10,000 by an individual, past District Academy and current Academy Regions. An Endowed Scholarship is funded by the interest accrued each year from the principle. The first scholarship is awarded the year after receipt of the $10,000 by the Texas Academy Foundation Treasurer. A current Academy Region or individual can submit increments to the Texas Academy Foundation Treasurer toward building the $10,000 required for an Endowed Scholarship. There are currently 23 Endowed Scholarships Available.

Austin AcademyBig Country Academy-Celeste RocapDallas AcademyElmira BlechaHelen C. BrittinJane Elizabeth Watkins Cohen Nutrition EducationJoan J. ColemanCorlis Pate
Mozzelle CraddockEast Texas AcademyTarrant Area AcademyHouston AcademyLane ResearchLubbock AcademyMid-East Texas AcademyKennon Moffitt AnniversarySouth Texas AcademyWest Texas Academy – Miriam CurryNorth Texas AcademyMerry Jo Hopkins
Jayne GilbertNell B. Robinson MemorialJanet Hendrix DuncanKathryn and George HudiburghTexas State Nutrition Council Pamela House DeanRandall and Martha Rew


Annual Scholarships:

The number and amount of these scholarships varies each year. The money is donated annually and the scholarship is awarded the following year. Funds are not invested. Created with a minimum donation of $500 each year by an individual or a current Texas Academy Region.  Checks should be sent to the Texas Academy Foundation Treasurer by February.

Aggieland SpecialistBig HatAngelina Peet Kostas NutritionCorpus Christi AcademyDallas AcademyHouston AcademyNorth Texas AcademySouth Texas AcademyJoan & Pat Duffy ScholarshipAggieland Nutrition SpecialistsSoutheast Region Student Annual ScholarshipWest Region Diversity in Dietetics Continuing Education ScholarshipWest Region Undergraduate Diversity in Dietetics Scholarship


Continuing Education Scholarships:

These scholarships are awarded from the interest earned on invested funds and are available every year. Created to be used to attend the Texas Academy Annual Conference and Exhibition to earn continuing education hours.

Lillian L. Reyes-Gates Continuing Education Scholarship