Leadership Circle Fund


Established in 2023, the fund is an endowment to award an annual grant for a nutrition education opportunity, community outreach, or small research project by an RDN, NDTR or dietetic intern who is a Texas Academy member.

Eligibility criteria: RDNs, NDTRs or dietetic interns with current Texas Academy membership.

Selection criteria: Projects that are (1) feasible (able to complete the aims of the project within 2 years with requested and available resources), (2) likely to have positive impact on target audience (community, clinical, or RDs), and (3) would not be possible without this funding.

Expectations: (1) Project will be completed within two years. (2) Results or outcome of project will be disseminated via publication in peer reviewed journal or professional periodical (e.g., DPG Newsletter) or presentation at a professional/scientific meeting (e.g., TX Academy ACE) within three years.

Note: requires a supplemental form.