Texas Academy Foundation Applications



The Texas Academy Foundation Scholarship Application is available on this website, and the application is now also available as an online application.

*You can choose to either submit your scholarship application using the online or paper format. If submitting the online format, you will still need to mail your official transcripts to the director address provided below. If completing the paper format, please review all posted documents for directions on the different components that needed to be submitted. 

STEP 1: Please complete all documents below first. You will be required to upload these documents in the online application before you can submit your completed application.

Forms that you may find helpful, but do not need to submit:



STEP 2: Complete the online scholarship application. You cannot save this application and it will need to be completed at one time.

2017 Scholarship Application Form



STEP 3: Have TANDF Reference Forms completed by three references. Obtain references from academic advisors, teachers, dietitians, and/or work supervisors familiar with your professional and educational ability/experience and overall potential for becoming a contributing member of the dietetics profession. Personal references from other sources are not acceptable. Have all your references complete the form below and submit it online. Any letters, once written, can be emailed to director@tandfscholarships.org. Please title the email subject line for the letter of recommendation as follows: LOR TANDF Scholarship Application. The letter of recommendation document should be titled as follows: Applicant Last Name, First Name, LOR, Last Name of Reference.



STEP 4: Submit official transcripts from the TWO most recent universities or colleges attended with ACEND programs, including the official seal of the institution, must be mailed to:

Anna Bramanti MS, RD, LD, CDE
Foundation Director
2307 Crawford Street
Houston, TX 77004


*Electronic official transcripts will also be accepted if this is required by your university. The electronic official transcripts must be emailed to director@tandfscholarships.org.


If you have any questions, please contact director@tandfscholarships.org.

Deadline for Applications – December 1, 2016



If you choose to submit the paper format of the scholarship application, you will find all the forms that you need below.

Download Forms:

2017 Scholarship Application Form

2017 TANDF Scholarship Application Checklist

2017 TANDF Nutrition Education Scholarship Application (Jane Elizabeth Watkins Cohen) -Supplemental Form

2017 TANDF Research Application (Helen Lane) – Supplemental Form

2017 TANDF Scholarship Reference Form