Texas Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation Nutrition Education Scholarship (Jane Elizabeth Watkins Cohen) – Supplemental Form

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Purpose: To promote interest in nutrition education by (undergraduate, graduate or Registered Dietitian).  The recipient shall conduct a nutrition education activity as a part of a community nutrition class, a peer education activity with other students on campus or a 4-H youth community group, a part of a research project or a special problems class on nutrition education or similar nutrition education event.  Funds may be used for educational materials, supplies, books, copying, samples, computer usage, display materials, registration fees, etc.

Qualifications:  Same as for other TAND Foundation Scholarships. Students attending Texas A&M University, University of North Texas, Navarro Junior College, Texas Tech University, Sam Houston State University, Texas Woman's University, or from Navarro or Brazos County shall be given priority, in that order.

Procedures:  Payment to the student or the academic advisor is acceptable, with signature of academic advisor verifying initiation of the nutrition education activity or detailed plans and a proposed budget.

  1. At the completion of the nutrition education activity, the student shall submit an abstract to TAND FNCE for review for a presentation or poster session.  A copy of the abstract and a picture of the activity shall be mailed to the TAND Foundation Director.
  2. Complete the following supplemental application information in addition to the TANDF Scholarship Form.
1. Goals/Plans for your nutrition education activity.
2. Proposed timeline for your nutrition education activity.
3. Budget ($750) maximum.

4. Please select the eligible university or residence
5. Academic Advisor who will supervise the nutrition education activity

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