Nutrition Research Scholarship (Helen Lane) – Supplemental Form

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The purpose of this scholarship is to promote nutrition research by dietitians. The Texas resident student should be pursuing or be a registered dietitian. The scholarship is to provide funding to assist the student's training in nutrition research. The student can be an undergraduate, graduate, or a non-degree seeking dietitian expanding training in research. These funds provide research expenses such as laboratory supplies, books, paper, computer usage, and potentially travel. Nutrition research covers food science and technology, clinical or community dietetics, food service or nutritional biochemistry.

Qualifications: Standard same as other TANDF scholarships. Additional requirement would be an explanation of the goals of the research and a budget for utilization of the funds for research. Direct payment to the student is acceptable. Recommend that the student report on the research at TAND FNCE (Food and Nutrition Conference and Exhibition).

a) At the completion of the academic year in which the research scholarship is awarded, the academic advisor must submit a letter to the TDAF Director verifying that the funds were used for research purposes.

b) The student is required to submit an abstract for review for a presentation or poster session at the TAND FNCE and a copy of the abstract should be mailed to the TANDF Director.

c) Complete the following supplemental application information in addition to the TANDF Scholarship Form.

I. Goal(s) for your research - List the goal or goals of your research below:

II. Budget - Provide a budget for the utilization of the research funds ($500.00 maximum) in the space below.

III. Academic Advisor who will supervise the research.

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