Past Scholarship Recipient Spotlight!

Past Scholarship Recipient Spotlight!

The Texas Academy Foundation celebrated its 35th Anniversary this year!  Over the 35 years the Texas Academy Foundation has been in existence, we have awarded 664 scholarships and $485,416 to deserving dietetic students. On behalf of the Texas Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation and the many students who will benefit from your generosity, thank you for supporting the future of dietetics.

Read on for success stories and how your financial support of the Texas Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation and student scholarships is making a difference.

Find out below what Katherine Albus MPH, RD, LD, has to say about receiving a Texas Academy Foundation Scholarship:

kalbus-picture“Receiving aTANDF scholarships not only allowed me to focus my time and energy on undergraduate coursework, but also gave me the opportunity to pursue work experience in career-related shadowing positions that would not have supported college expenses. The scholarship application process provided invaluable record keeping experience that made dietetic internship applications quick and easy. Receiving TANDF scholarships was not only a great honor, but was also encouragement for me to continue challenging myself with new opportunities in nutrition and dietetics and stay involved with the state and national professional groups. I highly encourage all dietetics students to get involved with the Texas Academy!”


Kara A. Trochta MDS, RDN, LD also has some thoughts on receiving a Texas Academy Foundation Scholarship:

“While completing my coordinated program, I was fortunate to receive a Texas Academy Foundation scholarship twice. These scholarships helped ease the burden of paying for my educational expenses, and allowed me to focus on the knowledge and application of nutrition necessary to become an effective dietitian.  Since graduation I have held positions in community health as well as counseling patients undergoing cancer treatment. The support of the Foundation and the numerous benefactors for these scholarships has paved the way for many aspiring dietitians, including myself, to make their goals a reality.”


Find out below what Kristina Mata MDS, RDN, LD, also has to say about receiving a Texas Academy Foundation Scholarship:

Kristina-Mata-Head-ShotDuring my graduate career at the UT Health Science Center in San Antonio, I had the privilege and honor of receiving a Texas Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation scholarship. While this scholarship helped alleviate the financial burden of school, it allowed me to focus my full attention on my school work and dietetic internship. The Foundation scholarship helped me pursue and achieve my dream of becoming a Registered Dietitian – a career that I absolutely love. Being awarded a scholarship, also allowed me to network with dietetic students and registered dietitians all across the great state of Texas. It is a great feeling to know that I have colleagues all across Texas that I can always reach out to for information, education, assistance and to collaborate with on projects. The Texas Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation is a fabulous organization that fosters learning, growth, and supports young dietetic students become successful Registered Dietitians in Texas.